Novopangea is an alternate reality storytelling adventure that has begun but is not yet finished. By introducing you to an ownable storyline of dynamic possibilities, we’ve laid the foundation for ultimate expression and interaction within not only art but in a society.


The world of Novopangea and its 6 realms has been created with you in mind. By taking residence and immersing yourself in this “choose your own adventure” storyline, we aim to provide an experience that is not only empowering but might also give new perspectives on life in general. From the God lens to our hero’s journey and back down to your chosen path, Novopangea creates choice while blurring the lines of fantasy and reality together.
The characters and creatures of Novopangea


The characters and creatures of Novopangea


This experience will begin by the team distributing free Black and Gold Promo NFTs featuring our 12 main Characters and Creatures from Novopangea.

Owning this special Promo NFT will be your ticket to getting on the Allowlist for our Genesis Residential PFP Drop.

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Novopangea Resident PFPs.

Our Genesis PFPs will be the first residents of Novopangea’s six realms (Earth, Space, Water, Light, Shadow and Time).

Each unique PFP will grant you the opportunity to activate your PFP into the Novopanea story. This opportunity will only be granted to PFP holders.

In addition PFP holders will get access to free NFTs from future drops, as well as access to token-gated merch and unique experiences. Holding a residential PFP will activate experiences like no other.

Novopangea Resident PFPs.

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Full Novopangea Experience coming soon to Polygon